Finding credible exercise information and sources for exercise can be like finding a needle in a haystack, as the fitness industry has boomed and become oversaturated with “YouTube Stars” and “Instagram Models.” To impressionable followers, they see these people and think following them will get the same results, when really they are just glamourising their appearance to advertise and sell their plans online to make money for themselves, rather than trying to help educate people.

These are my Top 3 Resources for exercise from credible individuals and sources.

1. Joe DeFranco and James Smith

Excellent source of advanced and basic exercise and programmes suitable for people looking to get into functional, sports-specific shape and focused training. Lots of free content provided on Youtube with excellent tips and additions to add to your workouts.

Website: DeFranco Insider

2. ATHLEAN-X (Jeff Cavaliere)

Jeff Cavaliere provides weekly free content on Youtube with endless tips on how to maximise your exercise technique, correct mistakes, as well as workout routines, gaining muscle and losing fat.

Website: ATHLEAN-X


An excellent source of information for experts and regular gym goers – from running routines and progressions for 5k to marathons, a 1RM calculator and anything else exercise related.

Website: ExRx