A simple way to progress and streamline your workouts in the gym is the simple act of writing down and recording your workouts.

Start by writing your workout programme and printing it out in full, then take it to the gym and fill it in as you do your workout. The benefit of doing this is that you will be able to track your weights and reps – this will let you see what areas you are progressing in or struggling in.


The added benefit is the motivation incentive – if you can see what your records are from your previous week, then you know what you have to beat. This means you know you have to try and improve weight or rep-wise instead of coming into the gym and lifting the same weight for the same amount of reps, staying stagnant and not progressing.


Once you have a record of your lifts and 1RM’s (1 Rep Max), this will let you calculate your lifts as a percentage, which means you can work in the correct weight percentage window for your target goal.


If you have your workouts written down in front of you, it is a lot easier and quicker to get in the gym and get through them, as you can just get in there and get them done without having to think about what you did last time, what order and what weights for how many reps etc.

If you are organised you can create your programmes and plan out several months of training at a time, so throughout the year you only need to write out 4 - 6 workouts instead of having to think of a workout every time you go to the gym.