Identify your goal

Are you training for a specific sport? Looking to improve strength, speed, power? Do you want to lose weight or put on muscle mass?

Before you start training, be sure to have a clear goal and timeline.

Make a plan

Next you will need to create a workout plan that will fit your schedule. Plan your training and put in cement which days are your training days and rest days. Work in phases with 3/4 week splits. In each phase, work on one element as your main focus, i.e. improve your strength > muscle mass > power.

You can’t get good at everything at once, so prioritise quality over quantity. One main compound lift, plus accessory exercises combined with mobility/fitness, planned around any other sport-specific training you may be doing on other days.

Don’t know how to make a plan?

If you are not sure what exercises you need to do, go to your Personal Trainer at the gym and talk to them about your goals and needing a plan. If you want to get a plan online, make sure you get it from a reputable qualified Trainer (not an Instagram model). Do your research and make sure they have a fitness background and know what they are talking about, not just someone trying to make quick money online.

Stick to the plan

Once you have a plan, stick to it from start to finish - don’t programme hop, as you will never see the full results from each plan. Finish each plan, make regressions/progressions as you go if you need to make exercises easier or harder. Consistency is the key to achieving your goal and this is done through being organised and disciplined.


Keep your training as simple as possible; don’t over complicate your schedule and selection of exercises. If you are not sure about what to do, ask someone who is qualified for help and invest in your development.