The Hip Hinge is one of the core movement patterns required to do strength training. It is also one of the most difficult ones to pick up and master. If you cannot perform a hip hinge correctly you will not be able to perform deadlifts or variations of them. 

Here are six easy steps to mastering it and making sure you are doing it correctly.

How to:

1. Facing away from a wall - shift weight back - posterior weight shift.
2. Perform the same movement with a stick to make sure you maintain neutral posture throughout the movement.
3. Set position/brace - breathe in ribs down - reset breathe.
4. Torque - drive knees out and grip the floor with feet.
5. Powerful Lockout - squeeze glutes/quads/lats.
6. Strength Training - overload the movement pattern.

Click here for a video demonstration!